• 3 c King Arthur flour (red bag)
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 6 tbsp unrefined raw coconut oil
  • 3/4-1 c warm water (not too warm)
Flour Tortillas

These are some of the best tortillas you'll ever have. I came up with this recipe one day when I was making burritos. I checked the tortillas I had on hand and they were moldy. I jumped on the net to find a recipe but it wasn't quite right so I tweaked some things and came up with this.

I make this recipe in my multi-speed food processor with a chopping blade. I'm sure you could mix by hand if you wanted, it would just take more effort. I would suggest cutting in the coconut oil with a tool like you would use for cutting butter into pie crust. One thing that I use is a 15 inch cast iron frying pan. You will need to find your own LARGE flat surface to cook the tortillas on. One of those electric griddles would probably work just as well.

I like King Arthur's unbleached white flour for this recipe but feel free to experiment with whatever you like.

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  1. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in the food processor or mixing bowl.

  2. Put the coconut oil in the food processor and chop on high until there are no globs left. The texture of the flour should change.

  3. Turn food processor to a lower setting and add water slowly. When the dough has turned into one large clump, it's done mixing. You want to end up with a soft ball of dough that won't stick to your fingers.

  4. Cut the dough into 6 equal parts and form them into flattened circles. Do this right away before the dough starts to dry out.

  5. On a flour-dusted counter or cutting board, roll the dough out into 12-15 inch circles. They don't have to be perfectly circle for most purposes so don't worry about it too much. The uncooked tortillas can be stacked. They should not stick together.

  6. Hopefully your griddle or frying pan is about as hot as it gets. You won't need any grease if your pan is reasonably non-stick such as unseasoned cast iron. Throw one on the pan or griddle and cook it until several bubbles form. Then flip it and cook it about half as long. The goal is to just have some brown spots form on each side but no burnt spots. It may take a couple casualties to get a feel for it but it's well worth the effort.

This recipe was last updated: 01-10-2010